Multidimensional Marketing TechniquesSM
with Lisa Wessan


Whether you are seeking to grow your business or receive more quality publicity for your company, my multidimensional marketing techniques will enhance your success and expand your reach in the world.

Multidimensional techniques involve methods that rely on metaphysical and/or spiritual principles that have tremendous practical applications.


Multidimensional refers to the use of invisible helpers and forces,  e.g the Law of Attraction, Angels, the power of Visualization and the unique creative energy that is hyperactivated while creating your Treasure Maps or Vision Boards.  We come to trust Divine Synchronicity and work with the Source energy to maximize all of our potentials.


Atheists and agnostics are welcome, these techniques will work even if you are not affiliated or connected with any metaphysical or spiritual ideas.


I invite you to come with an open mind, be a scientist, observe your results and then make your judgment…


How this works…

For example  -- and not to toot my horn -- over the past few years, I have been interviewed and written up in the Boston Globe three times, the Lowell Sun twice, the Chelmsford Independent and in many other magazines and newspapers. 


I have also made dozens of radio and television appearances.


All this has happened without sending out press releases or working with a publicist…


How do I do this?  What kind of “magic” are we talking about here? I will demystify the process, although I honestly do not know the mechanism of how it works. As my fellow author and inspirational speaker Mike Dooley suggests, I too “avoid the cursed HOWS!”  The techniques work, so I go with them. How they work? Unknown. Do they work? YES!


I share some of my pathways to success, to help you get more quality free publicity to increase your reach and impact in the world.


I don’t know if I need to mention that this is extremely fun and entertaining “work,” often hilarious and full of wonder… curmudgeons beware, you will be laughing for a good part of this experience!

What I do know is that my many years as a science journalist and network syndicated talk show producer in New York City coupled with my long term study and practice of multidimensional principles provide a rich resource for increasing your productivity and revenue, too.

So whether you are seeking to get a new job or grow your business, these multidimensional techniques will enhance your success.

Take a risk…you're worth it!


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