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Team Building with Laughter





Team building is a serious and challenging undertaking, and in order to succeed requires a large contribution from everyone.  Using humor and laughter during the process causes oxytocin to be released, which stimulates bonding and group cohesiveness1. Laughter also relieves tension and makes the whole process fun.2


In this training, you will learn the core ideas for these techniques:


  How to use humor to create a collaborative team environment where people are motivated and  

   ready to contribute.


• How to use humor to stimulate listening, trust, cooperation, creativity, and spontaneity.


• About organizational humor and how to use it to increase morale and team spirit.


• Practical techniques to "lighten up" the office environment.


• How to have more fun at work and easy stress management techniques.


• How to use humor to examine and overcome obstacles…how to turn defeats into victories!


Each session also includes a relaxing sequence of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Meditation. These techniques are proven to be easy and workable,  and they relieve office stress, relax muscles and give your insides a good laugh-induced massage.3


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